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With the growing popularity of video games, television and technology overall, society often forgets about the importance of playing sports like volleyball. I remember a time when children anticipated going outside and playing with their friends. Now we have grown to be a generation consumed with social media instead of going out and actually indulging in physical sports. Whether you play inside, on the grass, or beach at the , the game of volleyball can be an incredible approach to remaining fit while staying involved in social activities, as it can be played with a single partner or with a entire team. To further grasp why volleyball is a great way  to stay fit, we must first understand it’s history,  benefits and weaknesses and  the aspects that help promote a healthy lifestyle.The game of volleyball  was invented in 1895 by man named William G. Morgan. Originally called “mintonette”, it was designed to be a combination of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball. Morgan took a tennis net and raised it  about 6 feet and asked the players to hit the ball back and forth over it, avoiding it from hitting the ground. At the point when volleyball was first designed, it was very different from today. You could have as many players as you needed  and there were nine innings for each game with three outs for every inning and additionally there were no restriction on the quantity of hits of the ball on each side of the courtAfter spreading to places like  Japan and Asia through the organization the YMCA, overtime different rules were set into place. The Philippines made the “set” and “spike” in 1916 and six-a-side play was the standard two years after the fact. By 1920, the principles ordering three hits for each side and back-push assaults were  finally established.                Unlike many other sports like tennis, and gymnastics, volleyball is a team sport that doesn’t require a certain playing field. With the proper amount of room and great energy, volleyball is sport that can be played anywhere. It’s a highly enjoyable sport played by individuals of all ages today that doesn’t require much. A volleyball and a net is all you need to have to fun while still getting in great exercise.  One of the primary benefits of volleyball is that it helps maintain a healthy lifestyle by  burning off calories, strengthen your upper body, arms and shoulders as well as the muscles of the lower body. It is a sport that can enhance energy level and improve your performance in workouts. Every activities need concentration and coordination and volleyball is no exception. When serving, following the ball with your eyes, and striking the ball at the right point requires focus. On defense side,  you must be able to react to where the ball is headed and play it on time. When it comes to setting, hand-eye coordination helps to see where hitters are, to make sure to give them a good set. Concentration is related to mental health and in volleyball, it needs for focus for the movement of ball and players. Volleyball is not great way to stay fit but also a great way to be social outside of social media.Team sports such as volleyball is an ideal activities for learning about communication. To effectively perform as a team member,  you’ll need to relate to the members of their team and coach  and will allow you to to think about others too which requires a certain amount of respect and compassion. Volleyball can enable you to learn such a large number of new social abilities. Being able to take responsibility and attempting to be simply the best can give you confidence. Taking charge while aiming to make the team the best it can build leadership skills. Calling out for the ball and praising your teammates or opponents on and off the court can build communication skills. Overall, playing as a team teaches the value of hard work, sportsmanship and communication while keeping you  active and healthy.  When I first started playing volleyball, I was a sophomore a high school. I always had a love for this sport ever since I would play in gym class, but never took it seriously. After reaching my second year of school and wanting to get more involved I decided to join the volleyball team. At my high school we had a great team which made it more scary to try out. After spending my whole summer going to practices, I finally made the team in late august. Volleyball overall has really changed my life for the better. I was able to gain inner confidence and strength that were showed practices, and  was able to put myself to the test every game. I got to meet amazing ladies from different schools and grades who each has the same goals at me when it came to volleyball but also was able to bring something different to the table. When I started off, I  gained the position as a setter. The setter is similar to a quarterback in football. This person is responsible for the offense. I chose who ought to get the striking hit and when. It doesn’t matter how good a team is, if it doesn’t have a  good setter that can consistently deliver a great ball to hit, then the team will crumble. Being a shy person, it was often difficult  to communicate with my teammates. I often forgot to yell “got it” which hinder my improvement in the game. As a hitter you must trust the setter will hear your call and react and the setter must trust the hitter to be there to the ball when it go up. After weeks of dedication, I finally improved and was named captain of my team. This gave me a sense of belonging and showed me that i can do anything I put my mind to.Through motivation by my coaches and teammates to be a better player every day,  and through growing stronger with every  set I knew that I wanted to be the best captain and teammate I could ever be. Playing  volleyball can extraordinary rewarding especially for highschool students. It can serve way to self-discovery  and dispocline  and can help us discover our true capabilities and leadership qualities. Volleyball isn’t always  just a sport, it’s a way to bring out personal strengths and  help build a bridge between the athletes and their  other students through new friendships that can last a lifetime. Also knowing that I had made an impact on my team really opened my eyes to how strong my leadership skills have grown.


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