With shifts in warming and tropical cyclone activities

With global warming, increased temperature variability from weather extremes and the ascent in median temperatures jointly have steered the planet to witness a spur of baleful weather-related natural hazards like heat waves, heavy downpour and droughts over the past few years. Hegerl, G. C. et al.

(2007) and several others hence denote that this increasingly evident yet truly uncertain connection – between climatic change and the distribution, perpetuation and/or potency of natural disasters – has become a significant domain for scientific study, proving a direct relation with future weather trends however. Mann and Emanuel (2006) examines the unswerving link between twentieth and twenty-first century escalating concentrations of greenhouse-gas with the rising rigor of snowfall and precipitation in the north and flood perils in the United Kingdom for instance, drawing out results that anthropogenic elements were key to long?term shifts in warming and tropical cyclone activities in the Atlantic, and that at the least anthropogenic warming has two-folded the plausibility of extremities like the European heat waves of 2003. Further studies bestowed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2013 and Kadave et al.

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(2016) bridge floods and storm intensity to human-prompted climate change. Although undoubtedly altering climatic patterns are observed, the exact magnitude of the attribution necessitates a further rigorous experimentation combining probability conjectures, weather surveillance and climatic models.


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