With adolescence. Throughout life they regulate appetite, sleep,

 With each passing day, it seems smoking pot becomes less and less stigmatized in our society. Like it or not, kids will most likely try marijuana.

Canadian teens are more than twice as likely as adults to smoke pot. They also have the highest rate of cannabis use in the developed world. Marijuana has become as much a part of Canada’s youth culture as hockey and Drake. Even though this has become more common, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s become healthy in any way. There are alot of long term effect for teens who start smoking at a young age. Marijuana use has been shown to impair functions such as attention, memory, learning and decision-making and also dismal set of life outcomes including poor school performance, higher dropout rates, increased welfare dependence, greater unemployment and lower life satisfaction.

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   While cannabis is not the most dangerous of drugs, it has a lot of harmful effects. Marijuana hijacks normal brain functioning in teens, and many scientists believe the drug may have permanent effects on brain development. During adolescence the brain matures in several ways believed to make it more efficient and to strengthen executive functions such as emotional self-control. Recent studies show that cannabinoids manufactured by our own nerve cells play a crucial role in wiring the brain during adolescence. Throughout life they regulate appetite, sleep, emotion, memory and movement. There are huge changes in the concentration of these endocannabinoids during the teenage years, which is why people who study this system worry about the impact of casually dosing it with weed. Weed can simply effect brain development if used regularly and abused by teens.

This can lead to poor performance in school and loss of intelligence.  If Marijuana is abused at a young age, it increases the risks of developing mental illness. Psychosis is a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. The case that marijuana may provoke psychosis in adolescents has grown stronger in recent years. Many people use cannabis for its euphoric and relaxing effects. But some people also experience feelings of anxiety or paranoia when intoxicated. As such, cannabis could be used to relieve anxiety or stress for some while causing others to feel anxious.

People can become very dependent on the drug because of it’s feeling. They don’t like the way they function without it so they just choose to be on all the time. This can also lead to things like anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. People that abuse this drug usually do it because they want to an escape and continue to escape from reality.   Teens who smoke pot daily are 60 percent less likely to finish high school or get a university degree than their peers that don’t smoke. Teens that smoke at a young age are also more likely to have a less successful future andset themselves up for failure. When you smoke too much marijuana as a teen it can affect your attitude and outlook on life and future. You tend to set lower expectation for yourself because you think you’re unable to achieve success.

This drug can distract you from all the things that might be a potential hobby or passion. It can also affect your athletic performance. People that are and want to be successful don’t waste their time on this drug because they know they dont need it.   In conclusion, marijuana is only proven to be harmful to people under the age of 21.

Anyone below that age and abuses this drug in adolescent years risks problems with brain development, gateways into mental disorders, and a not so successful future. If not all then most teens are likely to experiment with this drug at one point in their life, but it’s only starts to be a problem if they are regular users or abuses. (which Lauren is not) I plan on leading a very successful future and I don’t and never needed drugs to do that. As for the poor judgement of video taping everything, in the future I will be more careful. I promise to be more involved and honest in the family and with you guys.

I’m sorry that I let you guys down and it won’t happen again. Love you


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