With alert. Today, even before going to church,

Withthe numerous functions of the Nigerian police and the power conferred to themby the Nigerian constitution, how effective are the Nigerian police in thecarrying out of their basic functions and duties? What do they do on a dailybasis to enhance the state of the nation? How corrupt are they perceived tobe?  What steps can be taken to reducecorruption in the police force? These questions and so many others aredifficult to answer because of the many challenges and problems that has eateninto the Nigerian police force, problems like lack of adequate scientificequipment’s for detecting crime and security like CCTV cameras, collection ofbribes, illiteracy of police officers, inadequate transportation, lack ofmotivation, failure to train police officers well has led to untimely death ofboth criminal and victim…these problems are reducing the confidence of thegeneral public in the Nigerian police force. People do not respect the policebecause of the general belief that the police are corrupt and do not deservethe due respect. Imagine a house being robbed and d police is called and theydo not arrive for hours. People do not feel safe anymore even in the comfort oftheir homes, they sleep with one eye open and ears alert. Today, even beforegoing to church, people would have to think twice, especially in the Northernpart of Nigeria. This is an irresponsible act which occurs on a daily basis.The Nigerian police slogan goes thus: “THE POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND”.

But, come tothink of it, are they really? People do not believe in the police, maybe due tothe past experiences they have had with the police or other reasons best knownto them. The public perception of the police in Nigeria has greatly affectedthe level of support given to the police by community members in fightingcrime. As a result of this, many hold back from giving important informationwhich could have helped to checkmate crime to the police. Public participationis very important in assisting the police to achieve the desired effectivecrime prevention and control but people have refused to cooperate with thepolice.

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