Wisdom sense of place and journeying into

Wisdom is a difficult word to define, because it's very definition is multifaceted, with a myriad of conscious and underlying layers, threads of fiber which give life to the heart of its very meaning.Through experiences, through the art of life, insights can be gained into the intrinsic nature of wisdom.One way wisdom can reveal itself is through craft, through one's connectivity to reality as well as to the cosmos, which are both interlinked with the self in the web of being.The following quote illustrates the theme that wisdom can be found through connectivity to reality and the cosmos:
"Simplicity of wisdom is not an artificial simplification of life but the discovery that I am touching all of reality.It also means that I can approach and conceive of reality, if I do not forget myself, if I do not disconnect myself in the process, and if I do not objectify reality, thereby turning myself into a severed subject" (p.10-11).Pannikar, "A Dwelling Place for Wisdom".
Two authors whose works contain additional insights into the nature of wisdom, which supplement the insights of Pannikar, are Sue Bender's Plain and Simple: A Woman's Journey into the Amish, and Carla Needleman's The Work of Craft.Both works give an honest depiction of the processes of finding wisdom through reality and connectivity, the threat of losing the grasp on reality and becoming a severed subject due to a lack of place, and finding a sense of place and journeying into the discovery of true wisdom.
There are many ideals that can create an evolution of the perceptions of wisdom.Some of these develop when attempting to find wisdom through a connection with reality. One of these ideals is that work is holy.In the Amish way, for example, this ideal is manifested as wisdom, as the engagement of life through work is considered holy, and therefore is the intellectual expression of all realism.Additionall…

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