Churchill by no means a newcomer to

Churchill assumed the position of prime minister in 1940, a few days after the German army pushed into Belgium and Holland.

Though he was only appointed after the resignation of Neville Chamberlain, Churchill was by no means a newcomer to warfare or public service.As a young boy, Churchill already showed a great interest soldiers and warfare, and his early education at the Harrow school was geared towards preparing him for the Royal Military College at Sandhurst.Churchill graduated with honors from Sandhurst and was commissioned into the British army when he was 20 years While on leave from the army, Churchill worked as a correspondent for a London newspaper, covering war stories in Cuba, Egypt, the Sudan and later, the Boer War.Buoyed by his military record and the popularity of his books and dispatches, Churchill was easily elected into the House of Commons.By 1911, Churchill was charged with preparing the country’s navy fleet as thefirst lord of the admiralty.By 1914, Britain had entered the war, and Churchill took his fleet to Belgium, helping the country repel German invasion.However, an ill-fated land campaign at the Gallipoli Peninsula caused great Allied losses, leading to Churchill’s demotion from the Admiralty in 1915 (Charmley 1993: 82). Churchill was re-elected into the House of Commons in 1924, for the next five years, held the post of national finance minister.

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During the 1930s, he also wrote several volumes, including an autobiography and the four volumes of Marlborough.Despite the general good reception of his books, the 1930s saw a decline in Churchill’s popularity (Charmley 1993: 96). Largely because held no cabinet posts, his prescient warnings against Adolf Hitler’s military expansion went unheeded.

These experiences as a war analyst, participant and as a pub…

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