NATO’s command and control headquarters, had an

NATO's Strategy in Kosovo was an effective means to accomplish their diplomatic and military goals.Their strategy was effective in demonstrating the resolve of NATO and their ability to build and maintain a lasting alliance between NATO and non-NATO members in the region.In all, 19 non-NATO countries are part of the KFOR operation in Kosovo. The strategy used by NATO had four primary strategic goals.

First, stop all military action and the immediate ending of violence against the Albanians.Second, withdrawal of Serb military, police and paramilitary forces from Kosovo.Third, the unconditional and safe return of all refugees and displaced persons with unhindered access to them by humanitarian aid organizations.Finally, the establishment of a political framework for Kosovo on the basis of the Rambouillet Accords, in conformity with international law and the Charter of the United Nations (Ugly p.198).In addition to the above stated objectives, it is imperative to maintain sound diplomatic relations between the United States, the UN and Russia throughout the operation. To stop the military actions taken by Serb forces, NATO began a large-scale air campaign.

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Tactical and strategic strikes yielded immediate and long-term effects on the Serbian war machine.Strikes on tactical targets, such as artillery and field command and control headquarters, had an immediate effect in disrupting attacks and ethnic cleansing efforts of the Serbs. Strikes against strategic infrastructure targets, such as Yugoslav military and police forces headquarters, other government ministries and refineries, had a longer-term and broader impact on the Serb military machine.In three months, the alliance flew just over 38,000 combat sorties, including 10,484 strikes.

Serb forces were on the defense and could no longer conduct ethnic cleansing operations or effective attacks on KLA forces.The Serb war industry was degraded by at least 50…

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