Wind places to to use wind power or

Wind energy has been around for thousands of years, it may seem like a great substitute for fossil fuels but there are some prices to pay.

Wind power is a clean, kinetic and renewable source of energy. The history of wind power is quite amazing and fascinating and goes way back. However it does not always work to generate power which makes us go back to using other sources. Furthermore it also can interrupt, annoy and harm living beings who are near the wind turbines. Did you know that we have been using wind power since 5000 B.C? Apparently the first ever wind turbine that could create electricity was built in 1888 by Charles F. Brush in Cleveland, Ohio. The first ever places to to use wind power or windmills were in Africa, China and Persia.

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They were using it to power boats along the nile river, pumping water and grinding grains. Eventually wind power started expanding to different parts of the world and many places started using it for their needs. In 2012 approximately $25 billion was spent on wind turbines, even though the prices aren’t was high now it might not be worth it. An average wind turbine that can generate enough power can cost up to $$30,000 – $50,000! But on the other hand the prices have been going down since 1980 and are continuing to go down.  One being how effective it is, it does not work up to its potential and is only 50% of the time efficient. Even though it is a great alternative it does not generate enough power.

Which is making us still rely on fossil fuels as our main source of power.  It does not suit all parts of the world and can’t operate without wind. Despite that wind turbines can disturb humans and animals. Wind turbines can endanger species that fly in the sky such as birds and bats.

Birds and bats are not aware of wind turbines when they fly, and get crushed. Reports say that 13-39 million birds and bats get killed every year due to wind turbines! It can also very loud for residences and homes near any wind farms. Needless to say wind power is a impressive alternative compared to most nonrenewable sources.

We use power everyday and including wind power which could be what you are using right now! It is crazy to think how our world developed overtime from windmills and wind turbines. However we are still trying to find better ways or way to improve our energy sources. With where we’re heading, wind power will definitely help us in the future!


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