Wim ‘them’ (de Telegraaf, 4 September 2015).

Wim Hoogland in his article ‘Twintig stukken over Aylan, twintig versies'(de Telegraaf, 9 September 2015) isparticularly critical towards Aylan Kurdi’s father, Abdullah Kurdi. Through theway he describes Aylan’s father, it becomes clear that he blames him for thedeath of his own child by labelling him as irresponsible, combined with badluck. In addition, he states that his death could have been prevented like manyrefugees that die during their dangerous journeys to Europe. Another journalistfor de Telegraaf also holds a similarview, in his article called ‘Aylansymbool van onmetelijke ellende’ Frank van Vliet blames the death of Aylan on’them’ (de Telegraaf, 4 September2015). By ‘them’ he refers to the Middle East and particularly the Gulf Statesfor their neglect of the crisis for their fellow Arab nation Syria. He alsomentions that attacking the European Union for the death of Aylan is not rightbecause it is not ‘our’ responsibility. Van Vliet further reinforces thisperspective in his article, article ‘Omgeslagen’ (de Telegraaf, 8 September 2015)  (De Telegraaf, 8 September 2015)where he also refers to Abdullah Kurdi as having made the wrong decision toleave a moderately safe country like Turkey.

Both journalists have used a clearrepresentation of refugees in this situation, which is ‘them’ as beingirresponsible and to blame for the tragedies that have been occurring duringthe refugee crisis. In addition, by blaming the Middle Eastern nations, anOrientalist discourse has been constructed by blaming the East for everythingbut not the West. ‘Irresponsible’  As shown in chapter 3, de Telegraaf has published significantly fewer articles on AylanKurdi. From the analysis of the articles which did refer to the little boy, itbecame apparent that de Telegraaf didnot put the emphasis on the tragedy from a humanitarian perspective but ratherfocused criticising the Kurdi family. As a result, the key findings wererefugees being represented as ‘irresponsible’, the inferior ‘Other’ and’terrorists’.

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