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"How has William Tyndale's translation influenced all the following English translations of the Bible?" In 1525, William Tyndale began to write his famous version of the scriptures.

Printing had already been achieved, so Tyndale had the desire to give the people a Bible of their own, in their own language. By 1526, Tyndale's version of the English Bible had been published and printed. There was great turmoil over the translation however, because the King of England, Henry VIII decreed that the translation was heresy. By this time, Tyndale's English Bible translation had proven so popular that it had already been copied several times and was being read by many people.

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This version of the New Testament, and some of the Old Testament, was spread throughout the known world. William Tyndale did not get to see his English Bible flourish and rapidly spread worldwide. Tragically, he was strangled and burned by Henry VIII. Unfortunately, this King later realised that the translation was not heresy and began his own "Church of England" based on Tyndale's translation. When Henry VIII realised his error, he began to make as many copies of the English Bible possible. Changing the ways of the oldRoman Catholic Church, he allowed for everyone who could read, the chance to have an English Bible translation of their own. This was the beginning of Tyndale's influence.

In 1611, Tyndale's translation of the New Testament and much of his Old Testament writings were taken almost word for word and reproduced to create the much loved and praised, King James Bible, which is now known as the Authorised Version. This Bible quickly spread worldwide because of its accuracy of translation and its ability to be easily understood. Also, King James put absolutely no form of price or copyright on the Bible, which allowed it to be reproduced freely and given to people who couldn't ordinarily afford a Bible o…

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