William his knowledge from his father, Giles Penn,

William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, had many personal defeats but always found a way to be victorious.The thing that made him famous was the fact that he never let his disappointments get the better of himself.When he was down, he always found a way to get back up.Not only was William brave, but he was a true humanitarian.

He believed that every person is a son of God, and should be treated like a brother.He wasn’t only known for establishment Pennsylvania, he was a living example of true dignity. William Penn, father of the founder, was a lieutenant in the English Navy and played an important part in the sea trades with the Mediterranean.He learned all of his knowledge from his father, Giles Penn, who was a well-respected captain for the Royal Navy.”He served with his father, as a boy, in various mercantile voyages in the northern seas.”# William married Margaret Jasper in winter of 1643 and to this conceived three children; William, Richard, and Margaret. William died on September 16, 1670.

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As he lay on his deathbed, William spoke to his son about having a truly Christian mind, and never be troubled at disappointments.Young William was always close to his father, and became very dedicated to achieving what his father expected of him. Born in London on October 24, 1644, William was thefirst of three children born into the Penn family.William was sent to a preparatory school in Chigwell at an early age.

“He attended school there, it is said, until he was twelve years of age. It seems fairly certain that he acquired a good knowledge of Latin, and he may have also obtained the foundation of his knowledge of Greek there.”# When his family moved to London, Penn stayed behind and received his education from a tutor.For four years, he received this education by tutors and this is when hefirst heard the Quaker preaching given by Thomas Loe. When William returned to London, he enrolled into Oxford C.


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