established in 1855 is one

William Paterson University, New Jersey, established in 1855 is one of the oldest Universities of the USA.

Hence the teaching and the academic experience of the University is distinctly better than that of other younger Universities. Age of the university is a proof of quality education. During these years, it has stood the test of time, and education is a matter of building a character over here. The values and virtuesthat build a strong personality are a part of the academic system here. This University offers sizeable concession to the residents of New Jersey, and I very much born and brought up in New Jersey. This surely works in my financial advantage.

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Moreover, I save considerably on the hostel and food expenses, since I do not need this facilities. A good amount can be saved, over the entire duration of the course.I intend to do business management course, and the C. M. Cotsakos college of business management at the William Paterson University is a rare place to do this course, simple because it has recently received accreditation from AACSB ( Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) International.

Barely 500 schools across the globe have been awarded this accreditation. This college has an E-trade financial learning center,which is the hub of electronic business information exchange and analysis for the college and its partners. This is a rare facility for Business Management students, and gives a real life exposure, while studying. These are the reasons why I am interested in attending William Paterson College.

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