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William Wycherley is arguably best known for his play titledThe Country Wife written in 1675. This year was also the era of Restoration,which was the reestablishment of Charles II as king of England, thus allowingfor theatrical performances to resume in London following their several yearsof unlawfulness underneath the control of the Puritan Commonwealth. Wycherleydisplays a comedic almost mocking approach to marriage and societal norms,characterized by the sexism.

The scandalous play pushes away from basicprinciples of puritan beliefs about marriage and introduces deceit andhypocrisy. Wycherley introduces his audience toseveral characters, but more importantly he takes us through the journey of twomarriages, the marriage of Jack Pinchwife, and Sir Jasper Fidgets. By doing so,Wycherley allows his audience to understand how common certain stereotypesagainst women where during the Restoration period. Through both couple’sjourney, we learn that Jack surprisingly encourages his wife’s obliviousness,because in doing so he is securing her loyalty and passivity. While SirJasper’s wife who is much younger than he is, is ignored by him but allows herto have male companions to keep her mind off other men. Thus, allowing theaudience to infer that social norms about women and matrimony during theRestoration period were;?      Women could be kept in lack of love?       They could bemistreated.

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?      Loveless sex             Although,the misconceptions mentioned above were true to societal norms during theRestoration period, Wycherley argues that women, just like men, long forintimacy in the bedroom, and if deprived of it, they will seek that intimacyelsewhere. “A foolish rival and a jealous husband assist their rival’s designs;for they are sure to make their women hate them, which is the first step totheir love for another man.” (Horner) Which introduces us to another vitalcharacter, the infamous Harry Horner, who spreads the gossip that he is unableto have children due to a disease.

We learn that throughout the passages of theplay, he succeeds in having relationships with a lot of women, including thewives of Jack Pinchwife and Sir Jasper Fidgets. Homer’s actions are not seen asacceptable among societal norms; however, they are justified in this comedybecause the married couples among him, failed at their marriage and broke aparton their own. 


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