William many well known tragedies, including Hamlet, King

William Shakespeare was a British poet and actor, as well as the most famous playwright in history. The famous playwright introduced over 1,700 new words into the English language, while having his works translated into 118 languages. Shakespeare wrote many well known tragedies, including Hamlet, King Lear, and Othello. Although Shakespeare has written many tragedies, his most influential is Macbeth. The story begins with Macbeth and Banquo meeting witches disclosing he will become king. Soon, Lady Macbeth is informed of the prophecy her husband has been given and is determined Macbeth will be king.

Lady Macbeth comes to the conclusion King Duncan must die, leaving Macbeth to carry out the task. Although Macbeth has second thoughts about the murder, he follows through killing the King. Thereafter, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are left with countless crimes and guilt.

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Although Macbeth’s mental state is unstable, Scotland is put under his rule leaving people suffering. Macduff finally takes matters into his own hands deciding to fight to the death of Macbeth. Macduff successfully murders Macbeth and promises to restore order to Scotland. Though the play concerns many aspects, one of the most important is the relationship of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. Although the two differ in several ways, the one trait in which ties them together is greed.

While both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth have their own unique character traits,  the one which consumes both is greed. To begin, the witches meet with Macbeth and contemplate his prophecy. The witches hail Macbeth with his current title, thane of Glamis but also, thane of Cawdor and king of Scotland.  Indeed, shocked by the witches predictions, Macbeth questions the truth behind it. Macbeth proclaims, “Commencing in a truth? I am Thane of Cawdor.

/ If good, why do I yield to that suggestion.” (1.3.133-134). Macbeth decides it would be best to keep these thoughts to himself considering he is contemplating murdering the king for the title. However, he thinks of the consequences he may be faced with.

Although he comes to the conclusion that murdering the king would benefit only him in the end, he decides to carry out the


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