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Ethical issues have allways been a topic of discussion amongst various philosophers.One of those philosophers is William Godwin who wrote about partiality and favouritism in his work entilted Enquiry concerning Political Justice.Only after careful reaserch of Godwins theories one can form an opinion. Godwin’s theories bring about two types of people one being more important to society than the other.”Partialism, any favoured treatment for oneself or those to whom one is specially related, is for Godwin ethically improper.” (Western Philosophy 438)Godwin strongly didnt agree with the idea of partialism, he thought that to be ethical one should always do what is in the best intrest of society.Partialism refers to giving more attention or favouring treatment to people who you are emotionally attached to.

This brings about the basis of Godwins point.”If two people (a philanthropic arch-bishop and a chambermaid) are trapped in a burning building, and I can rescue only one, then I should rescue the one who can do most good for mankind as a whole.Given that this is the archbishop, then it is he who should be rescued; I should resolutly set aside the fact that the chambermaid happens to be my mother, for ‘What magic is in the pronoun “my” to overturn the decisions of e! verlasting truth?” (Western Philosophy 438)Godwin brings up the point that the only reason why that one would change there mind on who is more important is if the pronoun “my” is one of the factors.

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By saying this he means that if the other person is your mother, brother, uncle, or anyone emotionally signifigant to you why is ok to turn down society and help the person for your own well being?Godwin believes that the everlasting truth, that it is possible for one of us to be more important then one another.He also believes that becuase the chambermaid may have been related to him that it wouldnt alter the truth of the proposition that the archbisho…

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