William medicine and his own love for

WilliamCarlos Williams was born in 1883, in New Jersey. He attends a medical school atthe University of Pennsylvania, and then he returned to Rutherford, New Jersey,where he performed what he had learned. During this time, he was alsopublishing poems, novels, essays, and plays. The conflict Williams felt betweenhis parents’ hopes him to success in medicine and his own love for poetry ismirrored in his poetic heroes of the time—John Keats and Walt Whitman.

Yet, byhis first year at Pennsylvania, he had found two more mentors, Ezra Pound andH. D. and became a key player in American Modernist poetry. RandallJarrell, an American poet, literary critic, essayist, novelist, children’sauthor, criticized William’s work, stating that it’s “remarkable for itsempathy, sympathy, its muscular and emotional identification with its subjects”and that “There is no optimistic blindness in Williams, though there is afresh gaiety, a stubborn or invincible joyousness.

” Spring and All created a newkind of American poetry, giving a great attention towards natural, idiomaticlanguage and depicting nature seen through the eyes of a sharp observer. In asense, the words the author uses are like tiny scalpels, dissecting thislandscape, looking for its secrets. He describes the nature using words thatare in tone with his profession and with the final place that the path isheading- a “contagious hospital” (line 1). He uses the set of this poem tocontrast the grotesque habit of nature to shiver and die with its the beautifulrebirth. The use of irony and clichés in the poem challenge the ordinary ideas.

Objects in the poem are described as “cold,” “stiff,” and”stark,” making us feel like watching the author performing an operation. Thesetting of this poem creates a morbid scene; the plants are dead “dried weeds,standing and fallen” (line 6), “bushes and small trees/ with dead, brownleaves” (lines 11- 12) and the world as we know it transforms into a “new worldnaked, / cold, uncertain of all” (lines 16- 17).


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