William active in Tennessee’s govern- He spent

William Blount’s great-grandfather, Thomas Blount, came to the Americas
from England in 1660. Hefirst resided in Virginia, then moved to North Carolina,
and started his family. William was the eldest in his family, and was born in 1749
while his mother was visiting her father-in-law’s Rosefield estate. This was near
William was said to have received a good educationalthough little is
known. He also apparently had intrestfor government sincehe was little.
When the war startedin 1776, Blount was appointed paymaster, who was in
charge ofwages, in the army of North Carolina. Then in 1778 he married Mary
Grainier. They had six children,and one became active in Tennessee’s govern-
He spent the rest of his life in public office. Blountrepresented North
Carolina in Congress. He sat in thelower house of the legislature for 4 years,
from 1780-1784. During those years, he was the speaker of the house, and was
a public speaker. He served in the upper house from 1788-1790, and spoke for
them as well. Blount also took part in national politics, including two
Continental Congress sessions in 1782-1783 and 1786-1787. Here he also
represented his state of North Carolina.
The next highlight in Blounts life, was being apppointed to be a delegate
at the Constitutional Convention. At this time, he was 38 years of age. Although
he already had a prior commitment to represent his state at the Continental
Congress, He attended the Constitutional Convention for all but one month.
He was avery quiet person who let other members take part in debates and
and arguements, and kept his opinions to himself, whether they were follow-
ing or opposing the crowd. He signed the Constitution with hesitation, and said
only to make it “the unanimous act of the States in the Convention”.Alt

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