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I will compare and contrast part of the lives of John Smith and William Bradford.These two men had great significance during the colonial period.I said part of their lives because I've chosen to discuss my paper on the three things where I thought the most information in our literature book had been given.

The experiences that the two men had with the Indians, their education or lack thereof, and their literary contributions. Let's begin with John Smith's experiences with the Indians. John Smith'sfirst interaction with the Indian's happened when they took him prisoner, tied him to a tree and prepared to shoot him.He saved his life by giving the Chief a compass and a globe like jewel.Plans had been made to kill John Smith in a more sophisticated ritual in which Pocahontas, luckily, had spared his life.After Powhatan saw his daughter's respect for John Smith, they became friends.The Indians helped John Smith and the other colonist to survive and eventually set him free. Contrary to John Smith's experiences with the Indians, which had been bad initially and grew to a good relationship, William Bradford befriended the Indians from the beginning.

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Just like the survival tactics that John Smith and his colonist gained from the Indians, William Bradford and his colonist gained also.William Bradford and the Indians contributed to the First Thanksgiving, which we have learned about since Kindergarten. Speaking of learning, the education of William Bradford and John Smith had the fact that they had both been self-educated in common, but in two very different ways.William Bradford, entirely self educated principally through the study of the bible, whereas John Smith did go to grammar school until the age of 15 which to me still equals self-education.So as you can see neither one of these two men exactly has a PHD.

That lack of knowledge did not prevent them from having great literary …

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