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The Dasein Guitar Tuner is an innovative Windows program designed By using a microphone or directly connecting an electric guitar to the PC’s sound card, the program will “hear” a musical note. The program will then show the note and its deviation from standard tuning by using a needle gauge. A string is in tune when the needle is centered and the correct note is displayed under the gauge.

The tuner also offers reference tones using various methods of sound production. You can hear recorded guitar notes, a pure sine wave signal, the PC’s internal speaker, or MIDI notes played through the sound card’s synth or an external MIDI keyboard. The MIDI notes can be produced by selecting from 128 different instrument sounds. You can even substitute your own pre-recorded sounds.* Rather than having to edit your sound card’s mixer every time you tune your guitar, the tuner has its own mixer that can remember the * You can remove noise from the microphone’s signal with the built-in * You can alter the “center” value of A(440 Hz).

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* You can even select different styles and colors of gauges.The shareware version is a fully functional chromatic tuner, well worth the cost of a user registration for $17.00. As an added bonus for registering, you will receive a registration key that will unlock extra Offset Markers for the Needle Gauge Removal of nagging registration reminders The Dasein Guitar Tuner introduces the next generation in software-based tuners which exceed the capabilities of hand held RequirementsThe Dasein Guitar Tuner requires at least:* A 33Mhz 486 DX or better computer.* A sound card capable of recording mono * A microphone for acoustic guitar.* A (1/4 inch to 3.5mm) converter plug or mini-preamp connector, for electric guitar. * * * * *Evaluation versions of The Dasein Guitar Tuner are distributed as Shareware.

This means that users are encouraged, subject to restrictions described in the License Agreement, to share copies of this program with friends, associates, and bulletin boards. Please remember that if you use this software you are required to pay the registration fee of $17.00 as described in the License Agreement Bibliography:

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