Wilhelm to improve it. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, German physics professor is thefirst man to discover X-ray as known as Röntgen rays and this brought to the beginningof medical imagery in the November 1895. During Wilhelm’s childhood, he showeda love to nature and he often roam around forest and mother nature and hemaintained this characteristics in later life. Wilhelm first worked with anearly cathode ray tube as known as Crooke’s tube.

He then realized that theinvisible rays were able to penetrate through solids like human flesh, bone andmetal. The radiation penetrates through the body tissues and later generates aphotographic film displaying different densities within the body. He took thefirst X-ray picture of his wife’s hand showing the skeletal composition. Butlater, Wilhelm found out that this technique was not effective as densities ofadjacent soft tissues are similar and he continued working with this techniquein order to improve it. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen who achieved the first NobelPrize in Physics then passed away in February 1923 and leaving the world withhis great invention. In 1913, William Coolidge, an American physicist and engineerinvented Hot Cathode X-ray tube known as Coolidge X-ray tube. Wiiliam invented thisx-ray tube in order to improve cathode tube in X-ray machines to ease viewing ofdeep-located tumor or anatomy.

William had received many awards during his lifetimeand he was also elected to the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1975. He diedin the same year at the age of 101 in Schenectady, New York. In the early 1920s,iodine was introduced as radiocontrast agent used to make tissues, vessels anddiseases in human body more visible on the scanned image. Radiocontrast agentsare essentials substances of investigative radiology.

At first, Haschek and Lindenthalin Vienna used bismuth, lead and barium salts to obtain better scanned images,but these substances are then being replaced as they are not safe to livinghumans body. Variety of radiocontrast agents are being introduced these days andiodine is still the best choice.Advancement of technologies and human intelligent broughtto the invention of Nuclear Medicine Imaging. Nuclear Medicine started with theinvention of cyclotron by Ernest Orlando Lawrence.            


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