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The strength of the liberal forces desired a stronger treaty and conservative isolationists and opposed the treaty on all grounds combined. This was done to help defeat the Treaty of Versailles. The final blame for the defeat of the treaty lies with Woodrow Wilson's stubborn resistance to compromise. Woodrow Wilson was the son of a Presbyterian Minister.

He carried his own personal religious and academic beliefs over into his political career. Wilson promised "a war to make the world safe for democracy." Wilson incorporated fourteen points into the Treat of Versailles that would supposedly achieve his aforementioned goal-among these an end to protective trade barriers, self-determination for people of all nations, and the very controversial world organization, The League of Nations (Article X). Article "X" stipulated that all league members would come to the aid of any member nation faced with naked aggression. "Article X is nothing but the inevitable, logical center of the whole system," argued Wilson who believed that his methods were right and all others were wrong (Document C). In preparing the original treaty at a Conference in Paris with Britain's Lloyd-George, France's Clemenceau, and Italy's Vittorio Orlando, he blundered right and left in an attempt to salvage the league.

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While a majority Republican senate had to approve the treaty by two-thirds vote, Wilson took no Republican and no Senators to Versailles; instead, he surrounded himself with his open cronies such as Colonel House. Thus, during the course of the negotiation, France and Britain were permitted to demand reparations, carve up German's colonies and violate many of Wilson's fourteen points in order to maintain the European Power's support for the league. Leftists also challenged the Versailles Treaty on both the grounds that Wilson had sold out a majority of his fourteen points and that th…

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