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Philip Martin The title of this book is called Wild Swans. The author is Jung Chang. This book was published November 1992.

This book was published in Bantam Doubleday Dell publishing Group in New York and has 500 plus pages. Jung Chang was born in Yibin, Sichunan Province, China, in 1952. Jung Chang was a Red Guard until she was fourteen years old. Later she worked as a peasant. Jung Chang was also a "Barefoot Doctor".

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Those were the people who tried to help people with the minimum training that they had. Jung Chang was also a steelworker, and an electrician. Later Jung Chang became an English-language student and, later, an assistant lecturer at Sichunan University. In 1978 Jung Chang left for Britain where she was awarded a scholarship from York University. Seven years later in 1982 Jung Chan became thefirst person from the People's Republic of China to receive a Ph.

D. in Linguistics from a British university. Jung Chang now lives London where she teaches at a school of Oriental and African Studies, at London University. The story Wild Swan it takes place in China and it covers 108 years from 1870 to 1978. The book also covers two of the most historical events that happened in China.

Those events are (1). The Manchu Empire falls, (2). It talks about the communist party and how it came to power after the civil war in 1949.

After the civil war was over the communist party took over the Manchu's place as rulers of China. Mao was the leader of the communist party. During the Manchu period, if a crime was committed and you were innocent it would not matter because you were automatically guilty of the crime. During the Manchu period, the women were treated like they were slaves and the husband did not look at them as a person. The women's roles were to be housewives and have their husband's kids..


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