Wild to different plant families. This wide variety

Wild edible plants are species that grow in a community without being cultivated (Ju et al. 2013; Turreira-García et al. 2015). These plants can be native or naturalized, can have different habits, and can belong to different plant families. This wide variety made wild edible plants suitable for human consumption. Frequently plant parts consumed include fruits, leaves, seeds, stems, roots, and flowers (Kang et al.

2014; Sansanelli and Tassoni 2014; Ojelel and Kakudidi 2015). Wild edible plants have specific food uses that have been embedded in the culture of local communities.Knowledge on wild edible plants provides necessary information about available resources in the community (Cruz et al. 2014; Urso et al. 2016).

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Wild edible plants are part of the cultural identity and livelihood of local households. These plants serve as primary source of food and income for rural communities (Uprety et al. 2012; de Oliveira et al.

2015), and as supplements for the less rural and non-rural regions (Ghorbani et al. 2012; Uprety et al. 2012). Furthermore, wild edible plants also serve as food during calamities and disasters (Urso et al.

2016).Although studies reporting the uses of wild edible plants are abundant (Salvi and Katewa, 2016), chemical composition studies of these plants are limited (Tsao & Liu 2007), especially in the Philippines. Furthermore, little is known about the benefits of frequent consumption of wild edible plants (Ogle et al. 2003). Chemical, nutritional, and anti-nutritional studies may present vital information on what plants are highly nutritious, which maintain food security and culinary diversity (Ju et al.

2013; Tardío et al. 2016). Similarly, bioactive compounds may be isolated from wild edible plants, which can have potential medicinal uses (Dembitsky et al. 2011; Alarc?n et al. 2015).

Thus, further investigation is needed to analyze the chemical constituent of existing wild edible plants.


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