Why entertainment industry, every year thousands of

WhyAre Animals Dying?            People are using animals in variouspart of their life for their own benefit. Many different kinds of animals havelong been used as a source of entertainment, experiment etc. in the wholeworld. Unfortunately, animals are still being used by people in this day andage. Using animals in different kinds of sectors means removing animals fromtheir natural habitat or family. Most of the animals which used in thesesectors, don’t know real world namely, wildlife. Distressingly, they spend lotsof the time in cages, laboratories or chains.

The number of the animals whichused for our benefit is increasing day by day, they come face to face dangerand also they are suffering not only physically but also mentally in thisareas. For instance, according to data of PETA (animal rights organization),every year in the U.S  more than 100million animals dying and suffering in medical experiments and nearly 96% ofanimals which used in circuses or entertainment industry spent their life incages unfortunately because of these industries many of them dying in an awfulway (Sandler, J. 2002, September 22 , para.5). In my opinion, it’s horrible andI’m against this situation because it’s not ethical. Animals have rights like us so they don’t have to die orharm because of our benefit(make money).

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Most of the people see them as a toolor object and they don’t think animals have emotion like us and they don’t wantto see the dark side of these industries.            Peopleare always advocating human rights and talking about human rights.Nonsensically, when the issue is animals people prefer to ignore them. The realreason for this behaviour that they think themselves in the centre of the worldbecause people are selfish and egocentric. Animals are seen as an object bypeople who have fun with animals. They prefer to go to circus or zoos just tohave fun and have a good time. To give an example of the entertainmentindustry, every year thousands of tourists want to go to Spain to watchbullfighting and they push to watch this ferocity. When they watch theviolence, get pleasure in a kind of absurd way.

It seems hard to believe that,bullfighting in which most of the bulls die, is a cultural and traditionalsymbols in Spain, it’s difficult to understand people pay money to watch thiscalamity. I suggest that bullfighting should have been banned long ago becauseit is barbaric and not an ethical. According to the news published in the BBC;”It’s a cultural tradition. As something for which I risk my life for on aregular basis, it demands respect and bullfighting are going through a crucialtime,” says Juan Diego Vicente, current president of Spain’s Bullfighters’Union (UT) (Badcock, J. 2016, Will Spain ever ban bullfighting?). In  Thousands of people watch cockfight, horseriding and they make a bet on animals to earn money.

In the circuses, they arekept caged in barren, people doing that with painful tools (like electric prods)to educate animals before the shows or races.            Another field where animals are mostused is an experiment and cosmetic sectors. According to the DFG, which is thevery substantial German research institution; The German Ministry of Food andAgriculture and the Federal Statistical Office annually record the total numberof all animals used in Germany. In 2014, 2.798 million animals were used forresearch purposes. Included in this are 2.008 million animals used in animaltesting and 789,926 used for organ extraction.

The number of animals needed forresearch purposes corresponds to 0.35% of all 795 million animals used inGermany – this small percentage is essential for gaining knowledge about thenatural basis of life and for medical progress (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft[DFG], 2016, p.9). Unfortunately, in our country animal experiment is allowedfor scientific researchers with Law No.

5199 on Animal Protection and so manyTurkish brands use the animals in experiments and many brands continue to teston animals, however, some countries introduce laws to keep animals which areused as a source of amusement. Thousands, even millions of animals are dyingbecause of these research and they do not have to die every year for medicines,vaccines or beauty products.            In cosmetic sector or health sector,these animals are sometimes used in the testing of products (generally cosmeticproduct), vaccines etc.

to control the safety of the products or drugs. Thereal reason why many animals are used in these tests is that the reactions ofdifferent animal species to chemistry can be different from each other.Commonly mice and rabbits are used in an experiment in this industry. There areseveral kinds of animal tests which are damaging animals physically andmentally, these are; acute toxicity, reproductive and developmental, eye andskin irritation/corrosion and skin sensitization testing). During tests, theanimals lose their minds painfully. Lucky ones can be killed however, unluckyones suffer for days and even months.

At the end of the test, euthanasia can bedone to avoid more pain.            The most crucial points are how wecan oppose to the use of animals in different kinds of areas or what should wedo? There are some methods in order to reduce the impact of research on animals,these are ; reduction, refinement, and replacement. Three of the principles,devised by W. Russell and R. Burch in 1959. The aim of these methods to avoidanimal tests where possible to decrease their number and to restrict damagecaused to animals during the experiments to the essential minimum.

The aim ofthe refinement is reducing the use of invasive techniques and providing better medicalcare. Other method that named is replacement , the aim of the this method isreplacing experiments and tests with different alternative ways such as we canuse technological models or human volunteers. Another statistical andmethodological improvement way is reduction, thanks to reduction method we canreduce the number of experimental animals with technological methods or othermethods. (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft [DFG], 2016 , p.47).         Consequently, when every example takeninto the consideration animals have emotion and feeling like human so we shouldtake action to prevent horrible events(using in entertainment, experiment etc.).

There are some methods to decrease the impact of these actions. To give anexample to that, if we want to protect animals life  , we shouldn’t go to the circuses or zoosinstead of that we can see animals in their natural environment in the simplestterm. In addition to that,  many famous cosmeticbrands use animals as a experimental object to control cosmetic product, there are so many reliable cosmetic brandsthat do not use animals in test so we can use this brands that do not useanimals to protect animals life.



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