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We believe that:If you have been watching celebrity BB, you’ll know who Germaine Greer is. She shocked many when she entered the BB house, because she was originally opposed to reality TV, but she said that, in her defence that, “Reality TV is not the end of civilisation as we know it, it is civilisation as we know it.”To an extent that’s true; that’s why it is getting such high ratings- 14.1 million viewers watched the I’m a Celebrity Final.

That’s why it is taking over our televisions. Because Producers have recognised that the one thing people love more than scripted drama is real drama. Not something created by writers. The naturalness and the reality of it make these shows more enticing. We can laugh at and make fun of the contestants, finding their arguments and the misery caused by them thoroughly enjoyable.

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But unlike real life, no one need know and no one needs to get hurt, so we don’t feel guilty.Gives ordinary people chances that normally are not available and can change their lives. Anyone who is talented enough, even a tramp, could become a singing superstar through Pop Idol, and those who don’t manage to do so become overnight celebrities. Gives you a different outlook on life: inspires you- seeing average people achieve their dreams- motivates you to do the same. Makes you feel better about yourself, more appreciative of what you haveOr make you re examine your life and realise that you are not happy.

E.g. “Wife swap”- contestants feel better about their marriage-strong. Or realize that they don’t have a good marriage- giving them the opportunity to achieve one with some one else.

Viewers do this as ell. WE can explore different “what if?” situations from the comfort of our own home.Cheaper to produce- money saved on actors, makeup, costume etc. The majority of reality TV is on the channels that taxpayers money do not fund, like ITV and Channel 4, so those who do not enjoy reality TV are not paying to see something they do not take pleasure in viewing. Believe it or not: reality TV is beneficial to society- it helps us see ourselves as people in a different light. Many are in support of charities and a new reality show called “Vote for me” is being used to raise political awareness as a recent poll showed that only around half of those who can actually vote. Does no harm: Majority: light hearted and fun as well as being very unpredictable.

No one is forced to participate and those who do have full knowledge of what they are involving themselves in. At the end of the day: if you don’t want to watch reality television, you don’t have to.

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