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During the 17th and 18th century, India was a very profitable economic market for the big European power because of the wide trades going on in India. There were trades of Chinese silk, all the spices and different flavors of teas were traded in this region. Like all other great powers at the time, Britain was also keen on taking the Indian subcontinent for the trades and the profit it gave off. There were lots of reasons why the British were able to win control of India and start the British raj in India. Some reasons are because of the military superiority, financial means, explorations and transportations, differences in culture, strong leaders and because of the successful ?®British East India Company.

?? In this essay, these reasons will be observed and described in order to observe exactly why the British were able to win control over India instead of other European powers. The main reason why the British raj occurred and that the British were able to take over India was because of the aide from the ?®British East India Company.?? The BEIC was founded at the end of the 16th century as a trading company, and was given a monopoly on trade with the Far East especially in China and India. Even though in the beginning part of the 19th century where the BEIC was abolished by the British government, it was the starting point of the British raj. Because of the BEIC, it was easier for the British government to take control of India and settle in because of the BEIC because it gave the government good base to start the British raj.

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Also, the BEIC had united resources at its command in order to let the British government to use Indian resources both financial and in manpower. Because the BEIC had control over the most of the trade in the region and controlled the economic activities in India, it made the British government a lot easier to take over the land because they only had to take over the political controls….

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