Why in preventing the Second World War?

Why were nations unsuccessful in preventing the Second World War? People were not happy with the First World War and did not want another one.

So why so why were nations so unsuccessful in preventing the Second World War? One cause of the second war was Germany's place in the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty blamed Germany for World War One and made them pay reparations for it. This put Germany into a very poor state.

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Then Hitler came into power and made it his responsibility to defy the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler then invaded Poland and launched Blitzkrieg. Britain and France were to protect Poland, they gave in to Hitler's demands hoping to satisfy him and soften his aggression policies. This failed simply because Hitler wanted more. One way World War Two could have been avoided is if the First World War was not blamed on Germany.

Germany lost thirty three billion dollars because they had to pay reparations; this led to great poverty in Germany. Hitler then used this to become elected; he told the German people he would bring them out of Depression. Hitler may not have ever come to power if Germany did not go into poverty. This means he would not have been able to invade Poland.

On the other hand, had Germany not been charged for starting World War One they may have tried to rise to power again and Hitler may have still come into power eventually. World War Two could have been prevented by removing Hitler right away. Hitler was the one who had Germany invade Poland.

Without Hitler in power to order an attack against Poland, which was the starting point of the Second World War, it never would have happened. However the League of Nations may not have been strong enough to take Hitler out of power. Also that Hitler was not the only one who disagreed with the Treaty of Versailles.

Another way to prevent this war would have been if Britain and France used force against Germany when they invaded Poland. Instead ..


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