President the Japanese-Americans have.Yes I know what

President Roosevelt, as your Foreign Policy Advisor I am highly against the internment of Japanese-Americans, but very flexible on my stance.We are taking away every liberty that the Japanese-Americans have.Yes I know what happened on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese planes bombed our American military installations in Hawaii, killing over a thousand men and woman; all but destroying the United States Pacific Fleet. Causing us the next day to officially enter the Great World War.

The Japanese attack on our soil shocked the country, and many of us became suspicious of any and all persons of Japanese descent in America.With the media and the government also inflating this racial prejudice and discrimination isn't any help.Unfortunately you will sign Executive Order 9066 on Feb. 12, 1942.

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The Act will make it legal for the United States to extract Japanese-American families from their homes.How can U.S. citizens become prisoners in their own country, simply because of their cultural background, they did nothing wrong.

They were not a part of Yamomoto's fleet.They had nothing to do with the bombing.Sir, the impact of this will be looked on as one of the worst decisions of your presidency if you indeed sign this order.How can we single out any culture to blame.

We are doing exactly what the Nazi's of Germany are doing with the Jewish (creating a scapegoat).Sir, we are a better country than that of which locks up their fears.To take away the freedoms of our citizen, to stereotype in such a way would be despicable.

What are we next going to do, throw all German-Americans in a "camp" too?How about the Italian-Americans, throw them in there as well?I should stop getting ahead of myself here.Maybe this is good.Maybe we should "protect our citizens from them".

We have to do something like this.We need to do this now.Especially to appease our citizens.

So why not do it to…

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