The actions truly necessary at the time

The Reason for Dropping the Atomic Bomb When looking back on major historical events, often times one question arises, were our actions truly necessary at the time of the situation.One major event where this question comes up is in the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Many historians argue that dropping the atomic bomb was an unnecessary action, while others say disagree and say that it was necessary to end the war and save large amounts of American lives.The debate over this issue goes back and forth still today.

During the 50th anniversary of the bombing, the debate came into the forefront of many historical and journalistic circles.Both sides can argue strong points and support their views with a great deal of information.Those who support Harry S. Truman's decision to drop the bomb as way of ending the war quickly and with few American casualties look at the information that Truman had access to at the time the decision was made, while often times those who oppose Truman's decision seem to look at the information that they now have. The argument in this case is over a simple question motives.Truman's administration reports that the bombing, after much debate and thought of alternatives was the greatest way to end the war and save a great number of American lives.Imagine if Truman's decision was to invade the islands and thousands of Americans were lost in battle, and then reports came out that the atomic bomb would have ended the war much more quickly and without such great losses.

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The reverse look at this debate seems to support Truman's decision.While the opposition supports the view, that Truman's true reason for using the atomic bomb was not to end the war but to send a message to Russia and other nations that the United States was in control.There are many reports that Truman received varying estimates as to the number of casualties a full invasion o..


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