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Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United State and a man who was considered as the greatest President of all; Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States and a national hero who was often called "Old Hickory". Two famous leaders in their own rights, both were known for their great leadership. Then why was one of them considered a better leader than the other? What made President Lincoln out shine President Jackson? Would it be the differences in their characters? Would it be the differences in their decision-making skills? Or would it be the differences in their views on freedom? Leadership can be, at times, an indistinct and obscure concept that is difficult to understand.

There are no sets of defined rules for a person to follow in order to become a good leader; and likewise, there are no sets of defined laws for a person to judge if a certain leader is a good one. There are only guidelines, general ideas and role models for us to try and understand the art of leading. I believe one of those is President Lincoln. The character of Abraham Lincoln played an important part in earning him the reputation of the greatest President of all. A good man of honesty, integrity, kindness, honor and confidence, Lincoln influenced others through his actions and words. He went through lots of misfortunes and tragedies through out his life, both as a man as well as a leader.

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He fully knew what it was like to fail, and was fully aware of the hardness failures could bring. As he became the President of the United States, he still recalled his darkened days, and so would reach out and help others that fall as much as he could. Lincoln accepted who he was and learned from his mistakes; he was not afraid for others to know about his past and to have their own opinions about him. And because of this, he gained trust and respect from his followers with a personal touch. It is known for a fact that leaders who tell their sub.


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