Why in medical experiments and nearly 96%

 Why Are Animals Dying?People are using animals in various part of their life for their own benefit. Many different kinds of  animals have long been used as a source of entertainment, experiment etc.Using animals in these sectors means removing animals from their natural habitat or family.Most of the animals which used in these sectors, don’t know real world namely, wildlife.Unfortunately, they spend lots of the time in cages, laboratories or chains.The number of the animals are increasing day by day that comes face to face danger and  also they are suffering not only physically but also mentally in this areas.For instance, according to data of PETA every year in the U.

S  more than 100 million animals dying and suffering in medical experiments and nearly 96% of animals which used in circuses or entertainment industry spent their life in cages unfortunately because of these industries many of them dying in a awful way.In my opinion, it’s horrible and I’m against this situation because it’s  not ethical.Animals have rights like us so they don’t have to die or harm because of our benefit(make money).Most of the people see them as a tool or object and they don’t think animals have emotion like us and they don’t want to see the dark side of these industries. People are always advocating human rights and talking about human rights .Nonsensically , when the issue is animals people prefer to ignore them .

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The real reason of these behaviour that , people think themselves in the center of the world because people are selfish and egocentric . They prefer to go to circus or zoos just to have fun and have a good time . Every year thousands of tourists want to go to Spain to watch bull fighting and they push to watch this  ferocity .When they watch the violence ,  get pleasure in a kind of absurd way. Thousands of people watch cock fight , horse riding and they make a bet on animals to earn money .


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