2. any need to employ new workers

2. Higher Employee Morale:

A trained worker derives happiness and job satisfaction from his work. This also gives him job security and ego satisfaction. All these factors will improve employee’s morale.

3. Less Supervision:

The degree of supervision required for a trained worker will be less.

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A trained worker will be most disciplined and independent and may not give any opportunity to the supervisor for complaint. Such workers can take more interest in their work and may contribute significantly in reducing managerial problems of supervision

4. Less Wastage:

Untrained workers may waste more materials, damage machines and equipment and may cause accidents. A trained worker will know the art of operating the machine properly. He will also use the material and other equipment in a systematic way causing less wastage.

The amount spent on training the workers will prove an asset to the organisation.

5. Easy Adaptability:

The technological advancements will require new approach to work. This will necessitate the adaptability of workers to changing work environment.

A trained worker can be more adaptable to change than an untrained one. There may not be any need to employ new workers for running new machines. The present workers will learn new techniques with some sort of orientation.

6. Reduced Turnover and Absenteeism:

Labour turnover and absenteeism are mainly due to job dissatisfaction. Training helps in reducing labour and absenteeism by increasing job satisfaction among them.

7. Employee Development:

Training also helps in the development of employees.

It first helps in locating talent in them and then developing it to the maximum. The adaptability of a worker will help him in working on new and improved jobs. If a worker learns fast then he will be able to develop his talent and improve his performance.


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