Uniqueness largest part of the brain is

Uniqueness is a personal quality many people strive for. It is defined in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary as: being without a like or equal. One can acquire this quality by thinking. When one thinks they express their opinions, ideas, intentions, expectations, judgments, conceptions, or reflections about anything possible. Without thinking people would just do anything that came into their minds without weighing the positives or negatives in effect maybe even causing harm to others.

It would be so much easier to brainwash a person because one knows that they are not going to have an opinion and just concur. This is what has been happening in society and it has taken over. People are not necessarily thinking for us but they are influencing our judgments.This is why it is necessary to think and express our thoughts it is not only wise for the individual but for the well being of society. Many believe that when "thinking" is permitted into the wrong hands or to people who don't have the mental capabilities to judge good from bad it will ruin society.

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They believe there should be an overlying heavy force controlling our thoughts to protect mankind. A philosopher by the name of Jean-Jacques Rousseau believes that the general will can only be truly effective if "each citizen expresses only his own opinion" (Cahn 431). Karl Marx also believes that without thinking thoroughly we would be losing ourselves.

The brain is the most powerful part of our body. It controls when we eat, sleep, wake, and all other life activities. It is the "boss" of our body. Without the brain we would all be the same. We'd be lifeless bodies and there would be nothing that would differentiate us from the next person except for physical appearance. The largest part of the brain is the cerebrum. It makes up 85 percent of the brain and is in charge of thinking. This is the one difference between human beings and animals.


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