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The events of September 11th, 2001 shook the United States, as well as the rest of the world.Everyone will always remember where he or she was or what he or she was doing when they heard the news of the attacks.However, for the generations to come, they must turn to our accounts and recordings of the events to realize, as well as analyze, what happened.September 11th will go down in history as our countries darkest hour.It is necessary that these events are historicized, so that man may always learn from his mistakes, and be able to see,first hand, the devastation he is capable of.

Being made a part of history is a complicated matter.Not everything about being historicized is good.There are some downsides to it.How the event is remembered in history is certainly capable of becoming a downside.Who is recording history?Is it recorded in an accurate and unbiased fashion?The real question is who decides what is "accurate" and "unbiased." For the most part, September 11th will be documented and remembered, throughout the world, as a horrific act of terrorism in which thousands upon thousands of people lost their lives.

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In some places in the world, people will not agree with the previous view of the attacks, and may in fact, feel quiet the contrary.Some people are glad this happened to the United States.Some are overjoyed at the thought that America was "knocked off its high horse".Now, herein lies the danger of being historicized.

You do not want an event to be recorded in history in a way that instigates hate and vengeance in the future, after those responsible have been held accountable. Many Americans have compared the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, some sixty years ago.I can imagine how it must be for those of us who experienced and witnessed the attacks on Pearl Harborfirst hand, and then seeing the events of S.


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