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Between the terrible loss at Hattin and the loss of Jerusalem, news horrified Latin Europe.This provoked the leaders of the three principal countries: Frederick I of Germany, Philip Augustus of France, and Richard Coeur-de-Lion (Lionhearted) of England, to engage in the Third Crusade.But due to many reasons the campaign did not succeed.

First there were many delays before the England and France finally set off to the Holy Land.The two countries were engaged in war at the time, but decided to negotiate a truce.When they were ready to march off, they became embroiled in war again.They did not depart until July of 1190, which was three years after the fall of Jerusalem.Then Richard had to settle a family problem concerning his sister Joanna in Sicily.

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After which Richard stopped to conquer Cyprus, which did help the crusade by giving him better position to supply his armies.All of this time allowed Saladim to build up and set up his forces (Knox, Third Crusade). Frederick, nicknamed "Barbarrosa" by the Italians, on the other hand had departed in May of 1189.He possessed the largest army ever present in the Third Crusade.It was said there were up to 100,000 people but since medieval estimates are largely exaggerated it was probably in the figures of 50,000 (Oldenbourg 447).

Saladin was not looking forward to the day in which Barbarrosa arrived.He secretly made an agreement for Isaac Angelus to delay Barbarrosa.Angelus did not delay the Germans much but he did annoy Frederick terribly.After they had stayed in Edirne for the winter, they entered Asia Minor (Oldenbourg 447). Then came a tragic event that if it had not occurred, it might have changed the entire outcome of the Third Crusade.On June 10, 1190, Barbarrosa went to take a bath in the Cydnus River.

He was seventy years old at the time and died of a heart failure (…

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