The of Gettysburg is because of Pickett’s

The article “Who’s to Blame?” discusses the reasons why the south lost the battle of Gettysburg. One reason the article gives as a possible explanation of the loss of the south is that the southern artillerymen were firing in unison because they were unorganized. The artillery was not supposed to go off at the same time because there would be a short period of heavy fire followed by a long period of no fire that allowed an opportunity for an advance of the Union troops.Lee knew about this but decided not to do anything about it. Another possible reason why the south lost the battle of Gettysburg is because of Pickett’s Charge. Pickett’s Charge was a charge ordered by Lee and commanded by George Pickett. The reason Pickett’s Charge was ordered is because Lee believed the north was retreating because they were not firing anymore. The reason why Lee could not see if the north was retreating or not is because the north was positioned at the top of a long slow slopping hill behind a stonewall. The south charged up hill through the cornfield and when they were 300 feet away from the north the north started firing at the south again. Over ? of the southern army was either killed or wounded because of Pickett’s charge. Another possible reason for the south’s loss is because of a lack of ammunition because a miss communication between Lee and Pendleton.
I think that the main reason why the south lost the battle of Gettysburg is because of Pickett’s charge. I think this because the south lost about ? of their men while the north was virtually unharmed. The north was unharmed because they were behind a stone wall and the south was charging through an open field. I think that all of the other reasons why the south lost at Gettysburg contributed to their loss but the main reason was because the south lost so many men at Pickett’s Charge.

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