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The American Civil War was a people's war in which heroes and future leaders emerged transforming our country into a structured and disciplined nation.Fought on both sides with immeasurable courage it shall be, and is forever remembered as a test of perseverance and suffering.The civil war started and ended almost 4 years to the date with 620,000 casualties and a cost of over 6.

1 billion dollars.Countless homes and farms were destroyed leaving peoples lives forever scared as they suffered throughout the war.But why did it last so long when expectations had been so low at the beginning of the war.Even before thefirst shots of the war were fired few believed the war would escalate to such a high and serious level as it did.There are in fact many reasons why the war waged on as long as it did.

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Whether it was because of the advantages the south had over the north or the north had over the south it's hard to say.The advantages each one had over the other seemed to flawlessly blend together in order to turn a 4 month skirmish into a 4 year total war. One of thefirst things that comes to mind when you try to think of why the war lasted so long thefirst one that comesfirst is how President Lincoln definitely had his hands tied when it came to finding the right general to fight the war.He bounced from one general to next almost faster than we could keep track of them.On the other hand the south had excellent generals defeating Lincolns every attempt to find a general to defeat the south and bring the union back together.Gen. George McClellan was wonderful at organizing an army but when it came to battle tactics and plans it was a whole different story.

Lincoln said of McClellan "he is an admirable engineer but he seems to have a special talent for a stationary engine."His peninsular campaign failed miserably like most everything else he did leaving Lincoln no choice but to replace him.Lin..


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