When government was unable to supply sufficient money

When a new life came from the independence of Britain, a new nation and a new government began to evolve. During the aftermath of the war, delegates met in Philadelphia and tried to establish a form of government, which created the Articles of Confederation in 1787. It was thefirst constitution of the United States but caused many problems with the Americans. The Articles of Confederation lasted eight years and soon became an ill effective system because it was unable to raise revenue, regulate commerce, trade, and get a unanimous vote on every issue. Before the Articles of Confederation was revised and rewritten, every vote about a diplomatic reasoning must be unanimous to come into effect.

It was at the Constitution Convention where the delegates met and drew up the rough draft for today's government. The delegates decided that Congress would be able to govern the conduct foreign affairs, maintain an army and navy and make treaties. They also decided they were also to establish post offices and coin money. By the end of July 9, 1778 they had finally agreed on the finished version and signed it to make it official.

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The people began to waver of the idea that the Articles were able to stand firm in the government. The Americans wanted to expand to the western areas but were unable to because the government was unable to supply sufficient money to start a possible war with France of that territory. The government wanted to raise taxes instead of relying to the states to give them some funding for it. A few of the smaller states delegates did not want to impost on imported goods because they believed that it would harm the commercial states and was unconstitutional. This caused the British to flood the American market because America was unable to commerce. These actions where the cause of Shay's Rebellion in 1787 led by an ex-Revolutionary War soldier named Daniel Shay.

Another problem the Articles caused was the fail…

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