Even Bertrand Russell, the great English philosopher, once

Even though the topic has been questioned a great deal, the study of Canadian history should certainly be mandatory at the senior three level, in Manitoba.”Everything has a history…even history itself has history.

..we can't escape the past…

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we can't let go of the past…

we celebrate the past all the time” (Kreis).The purpose of the history course is to construct answers of why and how events in the past occurred and with this knowledge, students are better able to identify how the event shaped the present day society and government. History helps us understand today's people and societies because, like a hard drive, it holds data about how each behaves.All theories about human conduct, rise from and depend on historical information because only the past provides the materials that allow studies of human conditions to be done.

“History also provides unique insight into human nature and human civilization” (Luttmer).Through history, students are connected to other human experiences and emotions; thus the ability of the students to understand the condition of others is developed.This then, allows the students to be better able to care, which is the same as development in maturity level.All people are products of their society as all societies are products of their past experience.As Bertrand Russell, the great English philosopher, once wrote:”History is invaluable in increasing our knowledge of human nature, because it shows how people may be expected to behave in new situations.” The history course is mandatory because it assists humans in understanding change and how the present day society came to be.History is unavoidable because the past causes the present and so the future develops.To recognize the cause and factors of change, the past must be examined and only after that can students grasp what elements are present in their society and why.

“History is the discipline most concerned with…

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