Why the unlawful distribution of patient data

Why the Inception of Healthureum Proves that Healthcare is Much More than MedicineTo most people, healthcare means visiting a hospital when ailing and leaving with a diagnosis and treatment plan. However, Healthureum has shown that health care means more than just an injection or tablets to consume as instructed by your doctor. For starters, this industry is so big that its counterfeit sector is making over $200 billion annually.What’s more, illicit medical facilities are currently the order of the day with some established clinics aiding in the distribution of counterfeit drugs. Pharmacies are not let behind either with the law being flexible enough in some areas to forgo the full evaluation of medical practitioners.

As such, patients end up losing trust in healthcare facilities as the quality of services dwindles.Healthureum has also proven that healthcare facilities need to move in unison if the sector is to achieve any progress in the future. Hospitals are still using the same EHR systems that have been in use for decades aiding in the unlawful distribution of patient data and further denting the reputation forged by these facilities over the years. Healthureum has also shown that data management is vital for any progress the healthcare sector.Research programs benefit from the data provided by medical facilities to aid their study. However, Healthureum has exposed the flaws in the healthcare system that have made the distribution of data a fraudulent process with both the institutions and medical personnel involved in data alteration.

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Healthureum has also exposed the challenges facing the healthcare sector and medicine entails just a small portion.However, Healthureum has also come up with possible solutions such as blockchain technology, which has been tested and proven fit for purpose by other industries. It is understandable to only care about getting well, but patients should also be mindful of medical facilities considering they are notorious for overcharging. Overbilling does not occur due to human error alone but also due to the discordancy of healthcare devices.A good example is EHR systems. Let’s be honest, how can a medical facility in Dubai receive information from a clinic in a remote place in Africa if they both use differently customized data entry and storage systems? Not to mention, in case the hospital in Dubai needs the information immediately, can the other hospital deliver the data in real-time to help save a life or two?While the process is hastened in some areas to last at most for a day, other medical facilities do not provide the same luxury. Healthureum has also exposed the healthcare payment process and the loopholes that make it easy for insurance companies and corrupt medical practitioners to defraud patients.

The need for innovation in the healthcare sector has only been made public after Healthureum exposed all the challenges above and more while providing a better alternative.Healthureum has shown that the problems being faced in the healthcare sector go beyond corrupt doctors and certifying boards. While a patient’s conviction is healthcare is failing due to counterfeit medicine, Healthureum has gone on to prove that drugs can be legitimized. Even better, how would you feel if you got a chance to know your doctor’s career achievements and schools attended before visiting their establishment?Healthureum is the solution everybody has been waiting for despite the introduction of technological innovations in some parts of the world. Here are some of the problems Healthureum will help solve in the healthcare sector, most of which are not remotely related to medicine.The Management of DataInformation is crucial to the prosperity of any medical institution.

After its establishment, any healthcare facility consists of three groups of people; those that intend to make profits, patients, and medical practitioners. Healthureum has shown that the people focused on making profits using medical institutions can work as staff in a medical facility or outside with no relation to the facility. Considering the value of patient data, corrupt practitioners and hackers sell this information or threaten to leak it with the hope of financial compensation.Healthureum blames medical institutions for these data irregularities and rightfully so considering the latter is still using outdated technology. EHR systems simply record and dump the data into their network. However, Healthureum ensures that data is stored in a secure blockchain that is also decentralized to aid in the seamless sharing of medical information. Once the inception of Healthureum is complete, patients and medical institutions will be able to manage their data better and eliminate the challenges associated with medical information in healthcare.Healthcare AffordabilityHealthureum is the only hope for patients living in remote areas considering it aids in reducing the costs incurred by such people in their quest for quality healthcare services.

These patients have to travel to different countries just to get better healthcare, but affordable options are also available. However, as exposed by Healthureum, these low-cost clinics are not certified, and neither are the doctors therein.To get quality services, patients have to result to borrowing money from family members or pro-bono programs. In most instances, friends are unwilling to help, and these patients either succumb to their ailments or make their conditions worse by visiting cheap clinics. Healthureum can help make healthcare affordable through blockchain technology, which supports video consultation and online referrals. Healthureum’s core purpose is affordable healthcare for all, and the project has a clear plan to achieve this objective.Authenticity of Healthcare ProvidersIf you thought consuming counterfeit drugs was harmful, try visiting a clinic ran by an underqualified medical practitioner.

According to the World Health Organization, thousands of such facilities are responsible for the death of over a hundred thousand patients annually. While counterfeit drugs have a part to play in this dumbfounding statistic, most deaths are a result of botched surgeries.I stated the importance of verifying a medical practitioner’s credentials earlier on in this article as fronted by Healthureum and I believe you share my sentiments. With Healthureum, patients will be able to identify counterfeit clinics and ensure that the healthcare facility they are visiting is run by a certified medical practitioner.

If all medical institutions participate in Healthureum, the healthcare sector will have one less problem regarding the authenticity of medical service providers.Healthureum has also underlined the lack of confidence portrayed by employers, regulatory bodies, and patients in the healthcare system but also provided solutions to restore this lost trust.Counterfeit MedicineThe WHO claims that 16% of all counterfeit drugs contain the wrong ingredients. Imagine the side effects these drugs will have on patients once consumed. Medicine might be a part of the challenges facing healthcare, but Healthureum has established all the channels to ensure that this flaw is completely eradicated. Countries such as India and China no longer need to rely on counterfeit drugs to heal their sick patients.

Blockchain will help Healthureum track the drug supply chain to ensure that all the medication presented to healthcare facilities is manufactured by a recognized company. Healthureum will use hash codes embedded in the drugs to track them to their source and certify their authenticity. Medicine has for eons carried the blame of the failing healthcare sector but judging by the solution that is provided by Healthureum to counter this problem, drugs are the least of healthcare’s problems.Global Health ManagementAs mentioned earlier, medical practitioners are heavily involved in fraud in the healthcare department.

Hospitals have tried hiring investigators and even offloaded some of their staff, but even the investigators have turned corrupt. As such, Healthureum eliminated the reliance on humans in global health management and introduced blockchain technology in their place. Imagine the effect fraud on a large-scale level can have on a healthcare facility.What’s more, why are hospitals and governments taking an active approach to this challenge when it apparently requires a proactive tactic? Healthureum has exposed the cracks in the healthcare system regarding proper data collection, analysis, and distribution on a larger scale.

These poor methods are the reason healthcare facilities cannot provide quality services in case of an epidemic disease outbreak.Blockchain can also be used as a preventative measure to identify risks, and the trends diseases take when spreading. With Healthureum’s blockchain, healthcare facilities will even be able to anticipate any future expenditure regarding chronic diseases enabling them to take a proactive approach to their management. Currently, these conditions are taking up over half of the global healthcare budget yet most of them are incurable.Healthureum will give healthcare providers, and research institutes a better understanding of individual and public habits enabling them to advise them better regarding their lifestyle and habits to practice for optimum health.FraudMany of the problems mentioned above have one commonality, the standardization of data. As much as healthcare facilities want to make the public believe that all their recorded data is safe in their systems, the opposite is a fact that has been proven by Healthureum.

All information whether in the claims or accounts department can be easily altered or leaked and nobody will ever notice.Healthureum uses blockchain technology, which is both decentralized, and tamperproof to ensure that patient data is stored and distributed securely. Not to mention, smart contract technology also comes in handy in reducing fraud considering it can validate any transaction conducted on the Healthureum ecosystem. Healthcare is more than just medicine, and with all the problems mentioned above facing a failing medical sector, Healthureum seems to be the only hope for a brighter day.


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