Pablo focusing on Les Demoiselles d’Avigno painting. Discussion

Pablo Picasso is regarded as one of the greatest painters in the modern day due to the variety that he offered in his paintings. He was a Spanish painter, ceramicist and sculptor. He was further regarded as the father of the 20th century art due to the way that he formatted his paintings to suit the likes of his admirers and fellow painters as a whole. The most notable achievement for the painter perhaps is founding the cubist movements. This meant that he pioneered the invention of constructed sculpture.

He also helped in the co-invention of the modern day collage that is widely used in painting and art as a whole. Amongst his greatest, works are the Guernica that portrayed the bombing of Guernica in the period of the Spanish civil war. The presentation focuses on the artist’s mastery skills mainly focusing on Les Demoiselles d’Avigno painting.

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Why Picasso’s work is not just inferior or unskilled art

Picasso’s art is not in any way regarded as inferior because he is ranked in the level of Henri Matisse who is regarded as the father of art. He is additionally looked upon in the same breath as Marcel Duchamp and the three of them together are regarded as some of the pioneers of plastic arts.

When his arts are studied keenly with a person who has a clear view of a classic art, it shows that the works of the painter are not inferior in any form. His works in printmaking and ceramics are widely used in the contemporary art world to give out a sense of direction in art. The arts of Picasso are also significantly incredible since apart from being knowledgeable he was talented in art, therefore, it was in born (MDC 2). He painted in a reasonable manner since he was a child and this is a point that proves that his work of art is not inferior. The artist is further universally acknowledged for his works of art and if he can gain global recognition then it means that his works of art are in no way substandard.

Why it is a highly significant painting

The Les Demoiselles d’Avigno that was originally titled the brothel in Avgnon is a significant painting first because of the way that it has stood the test of time. It was painted in the year 1907 and gained global recognition unto the recent days. The painting depicts five different women who are nude in a brothel in Barcelona.

This painting is significant because every figure in the art is depicted in a disconcerting confrontational approach and yet none of them is conventionally womanly. In addition to this, the women in the painting appear to be somehow intimidated and have angular disjointed body physiques. The women are given an animalistic impression by endowing them with masks. This is a beautiful way of depicting them away from the customary way of portraying a nude woman photo (Rubin, Seckel and Cousins 45). The art also employs primitivism and does not employ the conventional two dimensional flat picture planes. He also uses new art of painting in the piece of art as opposed to the conventional European mode of painting. The piece of art is considered influential in the development of the modern day art and the development of cubism.

The art also created an admiration for the painter amongst his peers and work associates since the artist had employed new ideas that had not been used earlier in painting. The work that went into the final finishing of the piece of art was also enormous. This is because the artist had employed numerous sketches into realizing the final piece of art. He encompassed the Iberian culture coupled with Spanish art to make the piece of art exemplary. The piece of art is also highly significant since it employs the use of African culture that was unexploited during his period and the art of Oceania that is a famous form of art.

It is said that the artist was influenced by a visit that he made to the Musee d’Ethnographie du Trocadero where he saw the opportunity of a new style in artistry and used it to accomplish the piece of art. The art also captures the painting styles of Matisse who is additionally a famous painter (Andersen 340).

How did it change art in general?

Although the style takes much influence from classical painting, it changed the general art world since it incorporated in new ideas that seemed to break out from the conventional renaissance art. This was something never thought of in the period that Picasso lived. Consequently, it brought in the new ideology of painting in the art world. The fruits that are in the back of the picture helped artists figure out how they could mix live paintings that are the women and still life (MDC 3). The painting also has harsh and strong coloring as opposed to the paintings of his era something that as changed the modern perception of art.


In conclusion, the painting by Picasso is an excellent representation of modern day artistry.

It features the artist’s change in mind and his will to break from traditional ways of painting. The art further brings in the new style of creating unfinished art that had not been fully exploited before. The artist further incorporated disturbing images in the picture to bring out the full viewpoint of cubism art. The addition of a local color with influences from African paintings also served as an integral point in the painting.

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