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Have you ever asked yourself, “Why are we on social media?” We use these social platforms everyday yet I’m pretty sure only a few of you have really asked that question to yourself. To some, it might be to stay connected with family, others’ to talk to friends who live far away, but it’s probably because your want to reach someone – new people, an audience for your business, or to advertise and show what you can offer online.Let’s talk about “reach” and why you need a solid social media strategy to effectively get a good organic reach. First of all, let’s talk about the different ways of how you can reach an audience. You probably figured out why it’s called “Organic reach” by now.

Yes, it’s the natural reach of the content you put out on your social media platform. When you post, anyone who sees it is pretty much organic reach. “Paid reach” however is basically what you get when you advertise a post.

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That’s it in a nutshell. Regarding Paid reach though, there are posts that work well with it but there are also posts that you shouldn’t advertise. Which ones? Let’s talk about this particular post for example – You just had a team bonding session over at a local restaurant and you decide to post it on Facebook. Advertising a post like that WILL get you some reach but it wouldn’t have been worth it because it doesn’t promote any value to the reader at all.

Advertising posts such as this defeats the purpose because when you advertise posts, you aim to get conversions rather than just reach. A good post to advertise contains new products you’re offering, updates on your website, news about a new service you will be offering, and so on.While Paid reach is pretty straight forward, organic reach is a bit more tricky than that. Because of algorithm upgrades and mass content that have been uploaded overtime, reaching an audience organically has become even more tedious than before. Analysts say that the average consumer actually misses 70% of posts on his or her social media feed. That means if you were to post something and appear on the newsfeed of your follower, the likeliness that he or she will engage with it would be 30% only.

That’s a 3 out of 10 chance. So how do we counter that? As mentioned above, a solid and well thought out strategy can work wonders.Create Beautiful and Compelling ContentAnything relevant to your followers is important. Create well curated posts that are both beautiful and have a natural shareability to it. Viral content is indeed difficult to come by but when you do hit that sweet spot between information and entertainment, these kinds of posts will be all over the internet.

Posting on Certain TimesSome people like to consume their media before they work. Some like it during their breaks. Others’ when they get home. It all depends on your audience.

Try to find out when your followers go online and center your posting times on that. Adjusting to their schedule means you’ll be able to target more of them the moment they step in the ring. It’s an extremely useful strategy to start with.Track the performance of your best postsIf you were able to make a viral post, work on that. Similar content is more likely to have similar results.

Try to mix and match your information. Check the status of your posts. From there, you should be able to create a strategy on how to check which posts work and which ones don’t.


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