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The United States is known worldwide for many reasons; one of which is our focus on health, and everything related.Our nations mindset has developed us into addicts focused on everything healthy.Diets and techniques for the best workout flood the airwaves and stream into our homes like a raging river.We the fanatics feel that everything affects our health.Aches and pains are never overlooked, if we get a headache a hospital visit may be necessary.

This may be extreme however, it is not detrimental; many lives every day are saved because these small manageable things are looked into with vigor by the general population. Many people are so interested with health and the need for it in America for this simple reason.America is nearly the unhealthiest country on the face of the earth.We have good reason to be worried about all the obscene problems.America is obviously not unhealthy because of poor doctors or health care.

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However, most of America is unhealthy because of the demand for fast food, cheap cigarettes, and bars down every side street.America is unhealthy because we over indulge in the luxuries given to us because of our global strength and strong economy.One of these luxuries may be our strong health care system but we have reasons to be worried.

When dealing with the one object we cannot replace, should we be careless with it.Every day checking into those small aches and pains that appear to be nothing, these actions save lives.Sometimes those small pains could have been the beginning to cancer, hepatitis or many other terminal illnesses.However these illnesses can be treated with their early detection.

We as a nation are so involved with our health because of all the problems that are related with it.People would rather have a worry free life than be constantly plagued with the idea that they may be dying for whatever reason.This is because sickness affects everyone at some time or an…

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