Operation question their government if the war was

Operation Desert Storm only lasted one month but took over 100,000 lives of those who were involved.

If the U.S. hadn't pulled out from the war, many more people would have suffered and died. The U.

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S. lead the coalition out of the war due to the effects war had on Iraq government, the opposition of the UN and to maintain their The UN had a variety of effects on the decision made by the U. S. to pull out of the war. For instance; the UN had only authorized the expulsion of Iraq forces from Kuwait.

Which meant the U. S. couldn't remove Saddam from power. Also coalition strongly opposed any effort to change Iraq government. How the U.S.

image was seen by others also greatly effected the decision made from the U.S. The U.S. did not want to be seen as an aggressor, but rather as a defender of the weaker nation.

This image was becoming hard for the U.S. to maintain because war was starting to be seen as a massacre by the people. Broadcasting the war made many U.S. citizens who watched begin to question their government if the war was The last major cause affecting the decision to pull out from war was the effects it would have had on Iraqi government if we were to have stayed in war. If war continued, U.S.

would have had to stay in Baghdad to maintain order and to run the Iraqi government. The U.S. was unsure whether or not the unfriendly country would become a dominant power. The U.S.

believed Saddam would be over thrown by his own senior military officers, which left U.S. with no guarantee of who would replace him.

With the coalition forces moving into Iraq, the U.S. was trying to reach a good outcome by fighting in war. However, there were many more reasons for ending Desert Storm sooner in order for them to accomplish this. Many facts supported the stopping of Desert Storm would be for the better…


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