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Every human has their own preferences to their living environments and their own level of flexibility when it comes to adapting to a certain environment, or country.There can be many various reasons for a citizen who was born and raised in a country to move from there to a different one.Some of the main and most common causes could be the lack of food or nutrition that the people there are receiving.Oppression and oppressive governments are very popular causes for leaving a country.Some citizens leave because their government is not caring enough and not doing enough to help the people of that country. It could also be the opposite of that, and how governments are doing too much and the citizens cannot make their own choices and do not have freedom for themselves, which can also be known as communism.

Opportunity is something that a lot of natives from various countries would do anything for and is an extremely common reason for natives to give up their country for another. Food or nutrition for people is a basic life need and necessity.The lack of food in a country, especially over time is life threatening.When your life may depend on leaving your native country to find nutrients for your body, you're basically forced to leave, not only to keep yourself alive, but also for the lives of your family members.

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An example of this would be the potato famine that occurred from 1845 to 1850 in the country of Ireland.During that tragedy 1.5 million Ireland natives left to come to America.

Since that famine caused 1 million deaths it was an excellent idea to leave Ireland.Not only do natives of a country leave because their forced to from the lack of nutrition, but they can also leave for the purpose of buying specialties such as needed spices that serve as several different uses.The Europeans traveled around the world just to get their hands on various and unique types of spices. Oppression is a serious and depres..


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