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In Why Nations Go To War, Dr. Joseph Stoessinger explains eight cases in which
why nations do go to war.The chapters read about the Vietnam War and Kosovo explain why these nations went to war and what mistakes hurt each nation.Stoessinger explains that some problems, such as political and economical issues, have hurt the outcome of each war.
The war in Vietnam started out as a struggle between France and Communist leader, Ho Chi Minh.President Truman was thefirst of five presidents to lead the United States through Vietnam.Atfirst, the president thought of the war as France's problem, but soon wanted France to stay in the war with the help of an aid program.President Truman would end up not sending committed combat troops into the war, but would end his presidency with America paying almost one-third of the total cost of the French war effort.
President Eisenhower picked up the presidency, but had China on the side of Ho Chi Minh.Eisenhower increased military aid to France and had America paying over one-half the cost of the war.The Battle of Dien Bien Phu was France's last chance in Indochina.Eisenhower was informed that, without American intervention, Indochina would be lost.French involvement in the war was ended with the Geneva Accords and the creation of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization; the United States started their presence in Indochina.Ho Chi Minh would have "peaceful coexistence" with the Soviet Union and China, and would advance to win the general election of 1956 winning him all of Vietnam.The SEATO was created to prevent further territory in Asia to falling under Communist control.The SEATO disrupted the results of the Geneva Accords and also decided to consider South Vietnam a separate state.Ho Chi Minh considered this a violation of the Accords and also believed the Americans were trying to hurt him in the political "arena".The war bet…

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