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Learning a Foreign Language: How important Is It for Kentucky’s Future Citizen’s?In my opinion the state of Kentucky has had a good way of making laws to ensure the development of their kid’s future. The law requiring high school students to take a foreign language in order to graduate and go to college is a good idea. Even in college, you are required to take a foreign language and if you had already taken one, you can opt to take a test that shows what you’ve learned.

If you pass you are not required to take a foreign language. In our day and time there are many over seas relations and that involves different cultures which usually speak a different language other than English. Almost anywhere you go you may usually hear someone speaking a foreign language. As many people may speak English they may also speak another language much better, and if they have to learn our language I’m thinking it may just be fair to at least know a bit of their language.

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Also in the business world a lot of company’s do a lot of trading with other country’s that have a main language of their own. My main argument that is a little against the law is that if the state is going to enforce this upon students then the teachers should at least know what their teaching and that they know how to teach it. In my past experiences and from what I have heard my friends and others say, they have had foreign language teacher’s that don’t know what their doing and what to teach. Some teacher’s i have had have been teaching a language but were teaching it wrong and didn’t know the language or what they were even doing. That just killed me. I took french for three years prior to entering high school and i failed for 2 years because the teacher wasn’t teaching it and I didn’t know what I was doing and because of this I am repeating french one my freshman year of high school. As long as the school’s hire teacher’s that actually know what they are doing and can guarantee that they know the language well enough to teach it, I have no problem taking a language in high school. In my case it’s a graduation requirement and I have to have at least two full years of a language.

I believe as long as I have a teacher who knows what they are doing and is teaching me correctly I.’ll be fine and will be able to pass the class.Bibliography:


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