Why time to prepare Use of new

Why is Teaching a Difficult Task Nowadays
Increased curriculum responsibilityTeachers does not have to work during Summer Break
Maintaining Order and DisciplineStandardized tests takes less time to prepare
Use of new technologiesInternet makes teacher’s life easier
Factors beyond his/her control
Under-motivated students
Teachers work so you can have a more successful life
Teaching can be a very difficult task to manage. There are several complicated obstacles for teachers that make their profession hard to overcome. This does not mean that everyone should stray from the path of teaching. There are rewards and benefits for those, who decide on taking up the teacher’s mantle. Motivating students is an important key to be a successful and respected teacher.

The truth is that every job has its own unique set of challenges. Teaching is no different. These problems often make it feel as if you are always fighting an uphill battle. However, most teachers find a way to overcome this hardship early in their career. Teaching students would be easier if several of the listed problems would be solved. Thus that would result in overall success, for both the teacher and the student(s).

“In the early days of American education teachers were only responsible for teaching the basics including reading,¬†writing, and arithmetic.

Over the last century, those responsibilities have increased significantly. It seems that every year teachers are asked to do more and more. Author Jamie Vollmer highlights this phenomenon calling it the “ever increasing burden on America’s public schools.”
Things that once were a parent’s responsibility, like to teach their children at home are now the school’s responsibility. These increased responsibilities have come without any significant increase in the length of the school day meaning that teachers are expected to do more with less.

For teachers nothing is more frustrating than their efforts being ignored by the parents. On the one hand support from the parents is essential to educate students. On the other hand ineffective teachers should not be supported, because that could do more harm than good. According to a research it was proven that children whose parents take education to the highest priority and stay consistently involved with the parent-teacher conference will be more successful academically.
Even the best teachers cannot do it alone. It takes a huge team effort from the students, parents, and teachers. If any of the items listed above is missing, there will be a negative effect left on the student.

Teachers used to be highly revered and praised for the service that they provided. If we look back dozens of years; we can notice that teachers were highly regarded in society. For example William Holmes McGuffey his theories about child education worked into a practical system. His readers would have a profound impact on education in America and on educational books in general. “Unfortunately, the media typically focuses on the negative stories dealing with teachers.” This led to overall negative attitude and stigma towards all teachers.

School finance has a major impact on a teacher’s ability to maximize their overall effectiveness. Factors like class size, instructional programs, technologies such as computers, beamers are rather practical considering the fact that it is easy to handle.

School finance is driven by the country’s budget; so often schools are forced to have budget cuts. This affects the teachers greatly and causes them to be less efficient, using fewer tools.

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