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Marijuana is a dangerous drug especially when misused and remains the most widely used illegal drug. Its source is the cannabis sativa plant from which flowers, leaves, and stems are mixed to make up the drug. Just like any other drug, it has some side effects on the consumer’s health for instance it cause difficulty in thinking and hence affecting problem solving, affects the memory and learning, leads to poor coordination and distorted perception. It however has positive medical effects such as its use in cancer chemotherapy. There has been heated debate on the concept of legalization of marijuana especially due to the fact that it has got both positive and negative effects on an individual’s body. I am personally for the legalization of the drug as the negative effects are outweighed by the positive ones.

The Pros of Legalization of Marijuana

Legalization of marijuana entails granting the American people the permission to legally grow, trade, and even ingest marijuana.

Some of the arguments for the legalization of marijuana include the fact that the drug is not as harmful as tobacco or even alcohol especially when taken in moderate quantities and the use of these two substances are legal despite their harm. Marijuana is also an essential drug in respect to the medical benefits accrued to it for instance in diseases like glaucoma, HIV AIDS and cancer especially in the chemotherapy sessions. The step towards prohibiting marijuana in most states in America has also exacerbated the indulgence in criminal activities as people find their way towards the use and trade in marijuana which could be avoided through legalization and campaign for its proper use. Marijuana is also a very important source of income in the United States and the act of legalizing it would therefore result in more tax revenues (White, 2011).

The Cons of Legalization of Marijuana

Some of the drawbacks associated with the legalization of marijuana in the United States include the perception that the use of marijuana is immoral especially when based on religious and ethical grounds and hence its legalization is viewed to be a promotion of immorality and bad behavior.

The use of marijuana is also considered to be an initial step towards the use and addiction to other harder drugs (like cocaine and heroin) and therefore its legalization is deemed to be an enhancement towards the use of all other drugs. The use of marijuana through smoking is also not only harmful to the user but also to the others who may inhale the smoke in the surrounding hence it is considered very harmful to the entire society. Another argument against the legalization of marijuana is the belief that it would increase the level of crime as those who are involved in the illegal business of marijuana are linked with other crimes and their imprisonment would reduce the chances for criminal activities (Ruschmann, 2004).


The reason for legalization of Marijuana in some states and not in others is due to the fact that different states view the use of marijuana differently, for instance, those that have recognized its essence in medical field such as in the chemotherapy of various diseases like California support its legalization.

I consider the legalization of marijuana to be a positive step as its prohibition entails intrusion of personal freedom and just like any other substance it is only harmful when it is not taken in moderation. The pros of legalizing marijuana also outweigh the cons and the understanding of the benefits associated with marijuana is likely to change the mind of those opposing it. The prohibition will also not limit marijuana use and therefore there should be strategies towards its legalization combined with campaigns aimed at enlightening the people on the effects of its use.

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