Why is it Relevant? Technology has had

Why is it Relevant?
Technology has had a big impact on society and it has grown significantly during the last decades. Therefore, hotels need to follow the advancement of technology to attract clients with a unique experience. Several studies have shown the need for understanding what guests really want and their satisfaction with the available services and facilities. Therefore it is important to get customer feedback in order to achieve a high level of guest satisfaction (Howell, Moreco & DeMicco, 1993; Skogland & Siguaw 2004). In existing bibliographic research correlation between technological facilities and guest experience is tested, some studies shows that in-room technology at hotels is relatively better development. However, some studies show that few new technologies are not appreciated by guests (Bilgihan et al., 2011; Nasoz, 2011).
Luxurious hotel is classified with four to five stars. This study is about luxurious hotels because was considered more interesting and useful study. Hotels that have more advanced technologies to their guest that will invest more in the future. Luxurious hotels guests have usually more expectation, so this segments of hotels usually providing superior services to differentiate themselves offering a best guest experience.
Some hotels in the world get customer feedback about the experience and thus understand the feasibility and up-take of these technological facilities by guests. If customers give positive feedback from latest technological facilities on customer experience, the expensive hotels will probably invest more in technology to improve the guest experience, to attract new customers, to generate revenue and which can improve the tourism sector and also the economy of the country.
In summary, this study will be useful, mainly for luxurious hotels because they will be useful, mainly for expensive hotels because they will have access to customers’ feedback, giving them the opportunity to enhance the guest experience with the technological facilities that customers prefer. If hotel managers decide to make changes in the technological facilities using the customers’ opinion, this study will also have a great benefit to customers.
Hotels are facing a competitive market and in order to be successful hotels are trying to meet customer needs with new technology. Therefore, it is important to discover if current technological facilities continue to have a positive impact on the guest experience, analyze if luxurious hotels are advancing technology in order to provide better guest experience and find out if the latest technological trends will improve customer experience in luxurious hotels. Given that technological facilities are essential to a hotel stay (Beldona & Cobanoglu, 2007), the main goals of this study are the following:
? Examine the impact of current technologies on customer experience in luxurious hotels.
? Evaluate the possible impact of the latest technologies on customer experience in luxurious hotels.

In order, to effectively achieve the main goals above it was required to review the existing literature regarding the technological facilities in hotels. The websites of Pakistan luxurious hotels were analyzed in order to identify the available technological facilities for guests. Past studies focus on the type of tools used to scrutinize the impact of technology on customer experience and satisfaction (Bhangu, 2013; Nasoz, 2011). The questionnaire is made for this thesis for hotel guests. Additionally, interviews with managers of Pakistan luxurious hotels were conducted mainly to examine which technology they are planning to execute in the future but also to understand if there is a similarity between the managers’ opinion regarding the guests’ technological demands, desires, and guest opinion. After the interviews, the first questionnaire was tested with a sample of 10 to 15 respondents in order to detect some possible needs for improvement. After this phase, the questionnaire was distributed to luxurious hotel guests in Pakistan.


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